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The Killina Special Education Needs (SEN) Department


The criteria used to determine whether a student has a special educational need and should avail of additional supports is set out in the schools SEN Policy (available in the policies section of the website) It is crucial that all information/documentation in relation to your child’s needs is received. 


Killina Presentation Secondary School is committed to providing an education for its students in a caring and supportive environment. In order to achieve this goal, some of our students may require supplementary teaching, additional resource, classroom support and/or provision of specialist equipment. In all cases it is the schools aim to integrate all students academically, socially and emotionally. The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team is comprised of the Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator, who is responsible for the management and organisation of Learning Support under the direction of the principal. The students also have access to various subject teachers to make sure their needs are being met where possible. The addition of three qualified LS/SEN teachers in the SEN department has developed a stronger team, to help with the overall running of the department and allow consistent access to assessment, evaluation and review in the implementation of Individual Educational Plans (IEPs). The schools Guidance Department may also be involved in this team for support.

Students are provided with support, based on their individual needs and staffing resources. This support can be:

 One to One Basis

 Small Groups

 Team Teaching Provision for support may be organised if a student needs it for a limited time depending on resources.

We aim to develop pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and feelings of achievement and fulfilment in accordance with the school’s Mission Statement and related policies.We identify and meet with the SEN students at the start of each term and organise a timetable, depending on their needs and resource hours allocated. We consult with the appropriate personnel, which includes subject teachers, parents/guardians and the student. An IEP is put in place to set out the necessary achievable goals and targets, which will build on their strengths and work on their needs. This in turn will help them to reach their potential.The support programme is reviewed in the second term in order to make sure the student is meeting their goals appropriately. If necessary further targets may be set and extra time may be allocated, especially for students sitting State Examinations. Our support programme also caters for a wide range of students individual needs, which may include study habits, preparation for exams, reviewing work covered in class and emotional support. Continuous assessment testing is completed during the academic year.

The Transition from Primary School Special needs requirements are first addressed on Open Night for incoming first years. It is essential for parents/ guardians to make available any relevant information/ documentation regarding their child’s SEN when filling out the enrolment form. When the enrolment process is complete, in-coming 1st year students will sit an assessment test at the end of January


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