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Staff list and emails

Teaching Staff 2020/2021

John Cotter JCR principal@killinaschool.ie Principal
Aidan Lawless AL deputyprincipal@killinaschool.ie Deputy Principal   
Bernie O’Donovan BOD msodonovan@killinaschool.ie Year Head 5th year
Mary Slevin MS msslevin@killinaschool.ie Year Head 3rd year  
Anita Dillon AD adillon@killinaschool.ie Coordinator ModGLD class 
Martha Williams MW mswilliams@killinaschool.ie Mock Examinations
Roger Molloy RM rmolloy@killinaschool.ie LS/SEN coordinator
Edwina Hall EH mshall@killinaschool.ie TY Programme coordinator
Padraig Murray PM pmurray@killinaschool.ie  
Patricia McNeill PMcN msmcneill@killinaschool.ie Year Head 6th year
Majella Guest MG mguest@killinaschool.ie Book rental
Graham O’Connor GOC grahamoconnor@killinaschool.ie Year Head 2nd year
Breda Mann BM bmann@killinaschool.ie Guidance counselor
Donna Swanepoel DS dswanepoel@killinaschool.ie  
Joe Varley JV learnabout@killinaschool.ie Digital learning coordinator
Laura Cusack LC lscully@killinaschool.ie  
Cecilia Hartnett CH chartnett@killinaschool.ie  
Lynne Kennedy LK mskennedy@killinaschool.ie  
Beryl Grothier BG bgrothier@killinaschool.ie  
Deirdre Craven DC dcraven@killinaschool.ie  
sive o connor SOC msoconnor@killinaschool.ie  
Sinead Buggy SB sbuggy@killinaschool.ie  
Maureen Connaghan    MC mconnaghan@killinaschool.ie  
Patrick Concannon PC pconcannon@killinaschool.ie  Year Head 1st year
Emma Perry EP emmaperry@killinaschool.ie  
Tracey Nolan TN tnolan@killinaschool.ie  
Niamh Kavanagh NK nkavanagh@killinaschool.ie  
Philip Austin PA mraustin@killinaschool.ie  
Margaret Whelan MWH mswhelan@killinaschool.ie  
Triona Power TP trionapower@killinaschool.ie  (on leave 20-21)
Melissa Carroll MCA mcarroll@killinaschool.ie  
April Morrison AM amorrison@killinaschool.ie  
Eimear Tooher ET mstooher@killinaschool.ie  
Leanne Quinn LQ lquinn@killinaschool.ie  
Siobhan Weir SW sweir@killinaschool.ie  
Miriam Hurley MH mhurley@killinaschool.ie  
Jane Flanagan JF jflanagan@killinaschool.ie  
Michelle Guinan MGN msguinan@killinaschool.ie  
Eoin Carton EC ecarton@killinaschool.ie  
Marie Cantwell MC mscantwell@killinaschool.ie  
Deirdre Sheridan DSH dsheridan@killinaschool.ie Coordinator ASD class
michael murphy MM mrmurphy@killinaschool.ie  
frances palmer FP mspalmer@killinaschool.ie  
Cora Higgins CHI corahiggins@killinaschool.ie  
jack wyer JW jwyer@killinaschool.ie  
Christine Pentony CP mspentony@killinaschool.ie  
Evelyn Carey EC mscarey@killinaschool.ie  
David Langtry DL mrlangtry@killinaschool.ie  
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