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Book lists for the school year 2023/24

Parents/ Guardians

Each year we have queries in relation to what other materials are needed other than school books. Queries from parents whose son/ daughter is their first child to start second level is quite common. The advice we offer is that a student should attend with a number of copies and A4 hard backs and a pencil case stocked with pens and pencils etc. Unlike primary school it is not possible to be prescriptive, this is because the timetable is still generally a work in progress until towards the end of the summer, so it isn't possible for us to finalise what teacher has what classes. There is also the factor that different teachers will have different approaches to what is required for their classes. All these issues are ones that quickly resolve themselves in the first few weeks of school. 

application/pdf 1st year booklist 2023.pdf (67.38 KB)
application/pdf 2nd year booklist 2023.pdf (67.71 KB)
application/pdf 3rd year booklist 2023.pdf (67.35 KB)
application/pdf 5th year booklist 2023.pdf (76.63 KB)
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