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Week 2 Finito: Welcome back to our 4th Years!!

11th September 2020

Week 2 has come to an end, and so far, so good, despite the constraints Covid 19 has imposed on all of us.  We would like to commend the students for their excellent compliance with mask-wearing, sanitising and obeying the one way systems around the school, and we would encourage them to be mindful of social distancing during breaks.

A big welcome back to all of our 4th year students, who resumed classes in the Resource Centre earlier this week, and in particular our new ASD class in the Nagle Centre wing of the Resource Centre.  The students were delighted to be back, and again are admirably observing all the regulations regarding social distancing and sanitising.

There has been a lot to take on board in a short time, and credit to all the staff and students for making this transition as smooth as it has been.

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