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TY Bonding Trip to Achill Island

24th September 2019

The TYs in Killina Presentation Secondary School went on their bonding trip to Achill Island from the 9th-11th of September. The TYs stayed in the Achill Outdoor Education Centre.  It was over 4 hours of a bus journey to get to the centre.  

When the TYs arrived, we were welcomed into the centre by the group leaders, who were the people that were going to be doing the activities with us.  We were then separated into groups. It was these groups that were the ones we spent doing the activities while on the bonding trip. Each day we did an activity and on the second day we had two activities.

  The activities were canoeing, surfing, hillwalking and cliff jumping.  We all wore wetsuits and we got a bus to the activity we were doing. Everyone enjoyed the activities and we all had a good experience on Achill Island as we spent everyday doing activities that were great fun but also frightening.  The food was given to us by the centre. The people in the centre were all very friendly and we all got along very well.   

All in all, a great start to TY!!

Cameron Evans 


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