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Reopening update

4th August 2020

Reopening update No 1

4th August 2020

A message to Killina Presentation parents and students,

As you will be aware the Government has issued guidelines for the safe and sustainable reopening of Post Primary Schools in Ireland. Over the next month we will be planning and putting in place the necessary arrangements for the schools reopening. This is the first update and others will be posted to the website in due course. I’d ask parents to read the updates carefully and then in turn discuss them with your son/ daughter.

In order to keep you fully informed around the safe reopening we will post the relevant materials to the schools website and notify parents by text. We will need everyone’s help, support and cooperation to make this a successful reopening.

We have commenced working through the many documents provided by the government and are putting in place new procedures and practices along with restructuring classrooms and other learning environments over the coming weeks.

The government will be providing additional grants to allow for additional infrastructure, cleaning, sanitation, PPE etc.

Staff will undergo induction training before returning to school and will be required to complete a Pre-Return to Work Questionnaire.

There will be restrictions associated with access to the school by visitors (contractors, visiting teachers, parents etc). Parents should only visit the school when necessary (where business cannot be conducted over the phone/ email) the only entry point for visitors is the main door, adjacent to the office. A Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Contact Tracing Logs will be prepared and parents required to sign it on arrival at the office.

To allow us time to welcome students back on school reopening, we will be phasing year groups back one year at a time starting on

Monday 31st August 1st years,

Tuesday 1st September 6th years,

Wednesday 3rd years,

Thursday 5th years,

Friday 2nd years

Monday 7th Transition Year.

I would like to reassure students, parents and staff that we will be working hard to make the school as safe as possible and we will do everything in our power to keep things as normal as we can.

The school office has now reopened Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm and 2 pm to 4pm. If you have any queries you can E-mail office@killinaschool or call 057 9355706

I will be in contact again in due course.

With every good wish for the year ahead.

John Cotter,


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