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Reasonable Accommodations at the 2017 Certificate Examinations

17th January 2017

About this guide The state examinations, sometimes called the “certificate examinations”, are the Leaving Certificate examinations, the Junior Certificate examinations, and the final examinations in the new Junior Cycle. These examinations are run by the State Examinations Commission on behalf of the Minister for Education and Skills. The purpose of this guide is to explain the arrangements that allow students with special educational needs, such as those caused by visual impairments or dyslexia, to access the state examinations on an equal basis with other students. The guide explains the purpose of these arrangements, gives details of the arrangements available, and tells you how to get any special arrangements that you need. Throughout this guide, “you” means the student and “we” means the State Examinations Commission. This guide will be updated from time to time. Please make sure you have the latest version. The latest version will always be available on our website. This version was published in October 2016 and is about the arrangements for the 2017 examinations. This guide can be made available in braille, in large-print format, and in accessible electronic formats. Please contact us for any of these. 6 This is a guide for students. It does not have all of the detailed information and instructions that a school needs to make an application. Those details are in Reasonable Accommodations at the 2017 Certificate Examinations – Instructions for Schools.


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