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Parental views on Junior Cycle assessments

24th April 2020

To parents of 3rd year students

There is a lot of talk about the Junior Cycle assessments at present. The Minister for Education has announced that your son/daughter will have the opportunity to sit exams during September. However, there have been detailed talks between the Education partners and there is a chance that this may change. Schools may be allowed to schedule assessments before the 29th May

If we are allowed to do this, then we will have to decide how a grade is to be awarded. What do we consider? What assessments/ tests/ assignments have been done or could be done?  to get a fair idea of your son/ daughters abilities in a subject.

We need your opinions on what would be the best and fairest option Please fill in the form so that we can make informed decisions (if a change from the current plan of assessments in September is allowed)

Regardless of the assessment arrangements, the fullest participation of your son/ daughter is required between now and the end of May. Their engagement with teachers and the schoolwork matters. Remember, it could be a factor if teachers are considering criteria for award of grades. In any case greater and meaningful engagement sees them better prepared for senior cycle and any future assessments.

Please fill this in without delay


Yours sincerely

John Cotter


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