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Garda Talk on Personal Safety

25th May 2021

The school would like to thank Detective Sergeant David Scahill and Garda Sergeant Willie Kirwan for their recent talk with our 6th year students, covering a range of topics including drug abuse, road safety, personal safety, online safety, and consent.
The talk ranged from eye-opening to sobering, in particular a relatively new phenomenon, 'money-muling', whereby gangs or drug dealers take control of a person's account to launder money.  
As we are coming towards the end of school for our 6th years, many of the traditional avenues to mark the occasion are closed off.  We would encourage all of our 6th years to think in terms of safety and responsibility as they prepare to celebrate the many milestones they will encounter in the coming months and years, and that in enjoying themselves they always look out for one another.

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