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Best Wishes to the Class of 2021!!

27th May 2021

Today was an emotional day in our school as we bade a fond farewell to the Class of 2021.

As with their predecessors of 2020, Covid has changed the landscapes around Graduation ceremonies in schools, but as has been a hallmark of this group since the onset of the pandemic,  they adapted and managed to create a fantastic occasion, which showcased their many skills and abiding attributes.

While Covid robbed this group of many of standard events and activities of 6th year school life, they showed their resilience and adaptability by just getting on with things: no fuss, no drama,  never a sense of injustice nor self-pity.  Instead, the atmosphere and environment they created was one of friendliness and support to one another,  and across the whole school community.  This cohort embodied everything good about Killina, and they were outstanding mentors, role models and ambassadors for the school and the year groups behind them.

While all teachers strove to help the students reach their potential,  a special mention must be made for Year Head, Ms McNeill.  In the most extraordinary of circumstances,  Ms McNeill was in step every day with every student, offering support, guidance and encouragement, and was undoubtedly a catalyst in shaping the tremendous bonds that grew within the group.

To the Class of 2021, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all all the very best of all things good as you leave the Killina nest and branch out into your futures.  If you bring the same warm, friendly, kind attitude with you that you have shown throughout your time in school, you'll always be a shining light for those you will encounter.  If you bring the same work ethic and dedication you have shown, whether going to college, or training courses, or straight into work, then you will be successful and will achieve great things.
We would implore you to always look out for one another.  Sometimes life can throw up unexpected difficulties and hardships.  Sometimes one can stumble.  Sometimes the path might not be straightforward,  and darkness might loom.  Reach out if you find yourself there- a hand will grasp yours and help you along, just as you'll reach out to help someone else.  Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann daoine.

We would like to congratulate our award winners from the 6th years:

PE Sportsperson of the Year: Joe Walsh and Katie Hennessy
Michael White Music Student of the Year: Kate Cunningham 
Ceist Principal's Award winners: Eoin Boland and Hannah Corble
6th Year Student of the Year: Kate Cunningham 
Positive Contribution to School Life: Ronan Cleary

Finally,  we would like to sincerely thank each and every 6th year student for their contribution to the journey.  Thanks to all the parents and guardians for all of their guidance,  support and advice in moulding the personalities and wonderfully positive characteristics of their children- you all should be immensely proud, and thanks for your continuous support to the school always.  Thank you to the 6th years for being wonderful exemplars of the Killina spirit.
Someday you'll be the love of someones life.
Somedays you'll be someones- or manys rock and inspiration.
Maybe someday,  someone will be calling you Mam or Dad- and they'll be proud of that.
Always just be yourselves.
That will be enough to make the world a better place.

Go n-eirí an bóthar libh...

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